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Stephen Carpenter-Israel

President and Broker of Buyer's Edge Company, Inc DC, MD, VA

I’m basically a tool guy. I love construction and houses and fixing things. My passion for the exclusive buyer brokerage business runs deep. My father was a real estate appraiser in DC and I spent 12 years in the construction business after college. I’m bent on evaluating properties correctly, understanding the level of quality and matching the very best the market can offer with my client’s needs. I was a founding member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents nearly twenty years ago and have a serious dedication to providing consumers with No-Conflicts representaion. I live in Bethesda now and have previously lived in Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase DC and “down by the river” in Glen Echo. Our next move will hopefully be to Dupont/Kalorama – maybe next year as we become empty nesters? I have loved owning a small business for the past 25 years where I make myself available 24/7 to each of our agents and all of our clients.


I know, five star reviews are easy to dismiss as over-enthusiastic or inaccurate, but we are finding it difficult to overstate the value of Steve Israel's assistance with our recent home purchase. We recommend him without reservation - not only online, but also to our friends, family, and colleagues. Steve is a buyer's broker - only representing buyers. If you don't know what that means, I encourage you to Google "buyer's broker" and do some research (Steve's site is a good starting point) before settling on an agent. More important to us, however, is that Steve knows the local market and his real estate. We depended on him to guide us through the wide variety of homes in the DC area. His ability to walk into a place and give you the low down is uncanny. He consistently highlights points about the house, construction, or maintenance issues that we couldn't have spotted after hours walking through it. He explained the purchase process from start to finish, answering all of our questions along the way. When it came to putting in our offer, Steve's friendly yet no-nonsense attitude really won the day. We were in a competitive bidding situation with other interested parties. Steve was able to read the situation, devise a strategy, and then keep positive communications with the listing agent until our bid was accepted. I have no doubt that Steve's involvement helped ensure we got this house at the price we wanted. How do I know? This is what the SELLER had to say after the bid was accepted: "The way you and your agent handled things really made an impact on me. I wanted to give you any close call because of …how great Steve was to deal with. You picked a good one." If you're looking to purchase a home in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, you should be working with Steve Israel”.…

by Primedir

“Working with the Buyer's Edge team was a fantastic experience! Steve Israel was extremely knowledgeable regarding the different neighborhoods' pros and cons and evaluating the value and likely repair, remodel and upkeep potential of each location. He emailed new listings that fit my specifications regularly and quickly responded to my questions or requests to view listings. As a first time home buyer, he helped me understand and feel comfortable with each step of the buying process and he and his staff responded quickly to each of my many questions. I would definitely recommend Buyer's Edge to anyone looking for a new home”.…

by CRodgers

Steve -

I was home this morning to take the dog for a walk while an agent showed our house. I do this a lot these days.

Often, by the time I finish walking the dog, agent and buyers are gone. But today, when I returned they were in the basement. I could here the agent evaluating the systems and talking about the sump pump. Then they went upstairs, and I noticed them taking time in every room to get beyond a mere first impression.

Something felt qualitatively different from other showings of which I have overheard the tail-end. I sat in the kitchen fighting off the urge to tell the Buyer's, unsolicited, that they were fortunate to be working with such a good agent. Instead, when everyone came downstairs, I merely offered to answer any questions and thanked them for coming.

The agent then took the buyers on a complete tour of the exterior of the property, and they all stood in the driveway talking for a bit. I turned off the lights and got ready to meet Sara and the kids at the park.

The whole experience made more sense when I grabbed the agent's card on my way out the door. I should have realized it would be one of your colleagues. After all, you thoroughly evaluated each house we saw, paused to explain things we wouldn't have noticed, and steered us well into this house, which really is great. (We wish y'all wanted to come to Madison with us to find the right house there.)

I hope Dana's clients liked the house and that they appreciate her and the rest of your team.


“Stephen Israel is a consummate professional and his staff is courteous and attentive. We only visited homes that met my criteria. For every home we visited he quickly had a profile on the neighborhood and gave me on-point commentary about the advantages and disadvantages of the home and property relative to my specific needs. I was amazed about how in-depth his real-time observations were. He exceeded my expectations regarding serving my specific needs. He was instrumental in securing and negotiating a home I love; I otherwise wouldn't have found or wouldn't have been able to negotiate the terms of the agreement without him. I can not imagine a more effective and personable buyer's agent in this area and would recommend him to any of my friends or associates that need to find a home”.…

by GillesB

Steve Israel was recommended to us and after our great experience, we highly recommend him to anyone buying a home in the Metro DC area. We were moving from out of state and needed to find a home quickly. Steve took time to clearly understand the “must-haves” for the house we were looking for. His extensive knowledge of the area helped us narrow down our geographic choices. He then laid out the pros and cons of each of the houses we saw and his extensive knowledge of home construction allowed us to eliminate houses that were not up to standard. Steve found our dream house and we are so grateful to him. In addition, he negotiated such a great price for the house that our neighbors routinely grumble about what a “steal” we got. We recently recommended Steve to a friend who was moving from out of town and he did the same for them
– finding an amazing home at an amazing price in less than a week!
Teri and Tim K.

"One of the reasons we felt real comfort in dealing with Buyer’s Edge was because we knew there would not be a conflict of interest with Buyer’s Edge representing home sellers. It was important to us that your total focus was to find the right home and make the best deal for us."
- Jerry S.

"Buyer's Edge was great to work with. From the start, they made us feel very comfortable. Steve and Lisa found us a wonderful house and really worked hard to get the deal done. I highly recommend working with them!"
- Jeff S.

"I bought just the right house for me thanks to Steve’s expertise. His patient, no-pressure approach gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge. I would recommend Buyer’s Edge to any prospective homebuyer without reservation."
- Richard T.

"Buyer’s Edge:

took the time to understand our needs and desires, and quickly gathered examples of condominiums that met our criteria
were always promptly responsive and made themselves always available to set appointments and show us units that met our criteria and those that we wanted to see
had a great feeling for “value” and had an eye for seeing structural and design issues that needed to come to our attention
opened easy and regular communication channels with sellers’ agents
helped us develop realistic negotiation strategy that ultimately carried the day
provided assistance with settlement that greatly eased the process for us
- Jerry S.

"A word of thanks for all of your help. We truly love this house and the kids are thrilled with it too. The house is beautiful, the neighbors friendly, the location convenient and the local elementary school has been welcoming. All your hard work has allowed us to reunite as a family and give our children a great opportunity. Thanks for all your hard work and support. We feel like we won the lottery with this house..."
- Ellis and Ronna R.

"Steve, this is a long overdue expression of our appreciation for the help you gave us over and above what should be expected. We are finally feeling settled in the house and we love it! Thanks again for expertly guiding us through the process."
- Maureen and Jim

"Steve…I appreciate all of your help in finding our home. I know it was a long path but we are thrilled that our patience paid off. Again, many thanks for everything. It was a pleasure to work with you."
- George and Nancy

"Steve, thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf during the process of buying our house in D.C. We were very fortunate to have your help, and we enjoyed meeting and working with you. We really appreciate all you’ve done. We hope you’ll stay in touch.
- Sherry and Decker

NAEBA - National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents member