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By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

January 24, 2013 loves Pantone’s Emerald Green, one of the 2013 Colors of the Year. This powerful, rich, blast of color is taking off with an explosion in the design world. It seems every where you go this gorgeous green is popping out and showing off. Maybe it’s time to stop and enjoy this fun color while it's glowing on the top of the charts.


How much of a commitment you want to make to this trendy color is totally up to you. It can be as easy as adding a few emerald green pillows on a neutral colored couch or on a bright, white duvet. Throw pillows and with geometric designs also are all the rage, so it won’t be hard to find fun pillows whatever the budget is.


Other ways to insert emerald green to your condo living is to add a splash of green on the dining room table at your next dinner party. Ready for a bigger commitment but not quite ready for the emerald engagement ring, try adding green towels or a sassy, green shower curtain in the bathroom. Along the same lines, it is easy to incorporate emerald green into a room with pretty, green colored glass. Try a few green bottles in the bathroom or add a new fresh look to the living room by including some green glass or green lamps.


If you are ready to live with this new 2013 color a little longer than a few months, one might consider going for a bolder look. Go ahead and paint an entire room or an accent wall, emerald green.The green looks fabulous when it is paired with black, white and other greens. Green drapes also can add a dramatic change to a room. With so many online sources these days, changing curtains is not as difficult or costly as it once was. Try new drapes in an office or a dining room. Both of these looks are stunning.


Buying a piece of emerald green furniture also represents a serious level of commitment to this
hot 2013 color. It is easy to find green accent furnishings both in traditional and contemporary looks. If you are a "recycle, refresh and renew" kind of a person, visit Washington DC’s local consignment shops and buy "new" emerald green furniture there. Purchase an old dresser and paint it green or grab an old green chair and use it as a focal point in the dining room. There are so many creative simple options out there to incorporate emerald green into your condo living lifestyle.



If you are looking for another way to bring green into your décor that may be more long lasting and not so trendy, go out and buy a few large, emerald, green plants. They never go out of style and they always make a room feel warm and welcoming. There also is a green color combination that I have seen that looks timeless and classic. It is a perfect combination of lavender and green. It is wonderful in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. Oh, go have a little fun in 2013 and experiment with the positive power of emerald green!



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