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How to Find the Best College Care Package From the Comfort of Your Washington, DC Condo

April 14, 2013

By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

You may have your feet up in your Washington, DC condo watching the Masters Golf Tournament with Tiger Woods, but somewhere
out there sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and god children will soon be in the full, force, crunch of final exams. Please don’t forget about your favorite, stressed out college folks. Be a super hero and send them some much needed cheer. Exam care packages don’t have to be elaborate. They just have to arrive during exams and they have to taste delicious. Most importantly, there must be enough goodies inside to share with all their frazzled friends.

Here are the top three care packages that highly recommends. From the comfort of your sofa looking out the window at all the fantastic dc real estate being built, you can order online one of the following gifts that are guaranteed to be delicious.


Cookies by Kitchen Kettle Village - These homemade cookies from Intercourse, Pennsylvania are over the top! Chewy, fresh and scrumptious, these cookies are better than most cookies made from scratch. Your folks will go crazy for them. Roommates will be fighting over who gets the chunky chocolate chip, Anna’s oatmeal raison, Elsie’s peanut butter, Grammy’s molasses snap or Sadie Mae’s snickerdoodle. With a couple clicks, create your own dozen, double or triple dozen cookie packages and make a college student smile.


Chocolates by Chatham Candy Manor – Since 1955 these velvety, smooth chocolates have been made on Main Street in Chatham, Massachusetts. For real chocolate lovers these amazing pieces of chocolate are to die for! Go online and select the wonderful assortments found in their one or two pound boxes of freshly, hand dipped chocolates. They also have an amazing selection of creamy, homemade fudge. It may be difficult to decide which route to go, so you may end up sending both the fudge and the chocolates to college. I know you won’t hear any complaints if they both arrive during exams.


Popcorn from Savannah Kitchen – This may be a bit more commercial, but the large tin of cheesy cheddar, sweet caramel and traditional buttered popcorn is well received by the entire gang. However, if your college student is more of a fan of true boardwalk popcorn, go online and order fresh popcorn from Johnson’s Popcorn in Ocean City, New Jersey. Yummy! Their traditional caramel popcorn is out of this world.



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