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DC Condos are Just Washington, DC Real Estate Until the Buyer Makes it a Home

By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

February 17, 2013

A home or condominium is not truly a home until you make it your own. Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of time and energy to find the perfect place even if you have a Buyer’s Edge Exclusive Buyer’s Agent working hard on your behalf to protect your interests throughout the entire home buying process. By the time most buyers have moved in and unpacked their moving boxes, they usually are “darned right” exhausted. Once you have had a chance to regroup, focus new energy into making the new condo your own.

For some this may include buying new furniture, bed linens, towels, curtains or carpets. For others it may mean “erasing” the previous owner by painting each room a new color. For most DC condos, painting interior walls can be quite economical. That is why many buyers initially start with a simple paint job when turning their small piece of Washington, DC real estate into a home of their dreams.

I thought it might be fun to explore Pantone’s 2013 dreamy, spring colors. Here are 9 fun rooms using 10 of Pantone’s fresh colors. Dreams come true with creativity, whimsy, hard work, love and good luck. Take a look!


Dusk Blue


Vining Design Associates


Monaco Blue


Paris Duplex via Mark Sikes




Redo It Design


Grayed Jade and Tender Shoots





ML Interior Design


Poppy Red



African Violets



Lemon Zest


Jeffery Bilhuber




Leatrice Eisman



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