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Explore DC: Best Walks By the River

June 1, 2012

By Curtis Oberg - Summer Intern at the Buyer’s Edge


Rock Creek Park – Friendship Heights to Georgetown

Where to Cool Off in DC this Summer

Buyer’s Edge - Top Five Ice Cream Hot Spots in DC!


By Curtis Oberg - Summer Intern


May 7, 2012


Top Ten Tips in the Home Buying Process


 Take a look.


May 7, 2012


When and Where to Invest in Foreclosures in the Washington DC Metro Area


By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

April 30, 2012


Great Place to Live and Invest – Sustainable DC Goals for 2032


By Wendy Carpenter-Israel


April 18, 2011


Top Ten Favorite Tips for Decorating Small Spaces


Many people find decorating a small space challenging. Don’t be afraid, just jump right in. The end result will be an intimate, cozy space that will be a joy to live in.


By Wendy Carpenter-Israel


March 31, 2012


Exciting, New Non-Profit Gift Store in Northwest, DC

Where to buy the perfect gift in DC! Go to Serenity!!


March 26, 2012


Perfection is the Just the Tip of the Iceberg


March 22, 2012


By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

March 22, 2012

Southwest Waterfront Redevelopment to Save Historic Maine Avenue Fish Market



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