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Capitol Riverfront Condos For Sale

Many of the Capitol Riverfront condos for sale in Washington D.C. are represented by a real estate agent that is acting as a dual agent for both the buyer and seller. You can hire dedicated buyers reps for the same fees as you would pay the dual agent, but you will receive a multitude of additional benefits when purchasing Capitol riverfront condos for sale from a buyer's only agent rep.

Dual agents create the condo listings for the seller, but they also can represent the buyer during the purchasing process. This can lead to a huge conflict of interest, which is why the buyers reps at only work on behalf condo buyers.

The Importance Of Dedicated Representation For Condo Buyers

  • Dedication: A seller's agent is only interested in selling a property, but a dedicated buyer's agent is only concerned with helping you make the best buying decision possible. We represent people, not properties. Our agents will show you condos for sale listed by any agency in the city or any for sale by owner listing too.
  • Plenty of Support: There are dozens of pages of contracts to sign, inspections to schedule and tours to take when finding Capitol riverfront condos for sale. The Buyer's Edge and representative can handle a lot of this extra work on your behalf, leaving you with more free time.
  • Confidentiality: A buyer's agent will keep your information private. This can be very important during negotiations to lower the price on condos for sale. Our experts have years of experience in bartering for a lower price than the figure quoted on condo listings.

A Loyal Assistant

Hiring an exclusive representative from doesn't cost you more than using a traditional agent – we're in the business of saving people money and protecting their interests. Call (202) 364-1475 if you are ready to start exploring the Capitol riverfront condos for sale.

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Capitol Riverfront Condos for Sale