Decorate Your Own Condo by Finding Old Things and Using Them in New Ways

The fun thing about decorating your own place is finding old things and using them in new ways. I love to browse consignment shops, antique stores and junk shops just for that reason.

I have friend who has wonderful eclectic sense of style. Her home is filled with carefully selected pieces of furniture from consignment and antique shops. It is fun to wander through her condo and see how she uses all her old finds in new ways. She collects perfectly “beat-up” furniture with peeling paint and uneven legs and fills each room with a sense of beautiful, organized chaos. I absolutely love the way she has decorates her home in this uniquely, relaxed style. Her condo reflects the kind of generous woman she is. Her home has come together in a warm, welcoming and creative way.

Recently, while meandering through an antique store, I stumbled apon a dusty, old oil can in a little roadside place in Northern Vermont. It is that classic looking metal oil cans that was found in every wooden kitchen cupboard and taken out on a regular basis whenever a door hinge squeaked or a bike chain needed to be greased.

My new find is perfect! It was a bargain and has a lot of patina. It reminds me of my friend and how she lines up a number of old oil cans on her windowsill in her condo’s kitchen window. I decided to put my new oil can near my kitchen sink, so I could put my rings, bracelets around the spout for safekeeping while doing dishes.

Having this oil can sit in my window makes me happy. It feels festive. It reminds me of this women’s free spirit, her clever sense of style and I also enjoy using the antique can in a new, fun way.